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Executor or POA needing to settle an Estate? Downsizing? A Collector looking to sell your collection? Or just have a few treasured heirlooms you’d just like to turn into cash. We are the company for you!


Searching for that one of kind of item? The final piece of your collection? Or, are you just looking for something you cannot live without? We’re sure you’ll find it in one of our upcoming auctions! 

BHD Auctions LLC

Serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding region for over 20 years, BHD Auctions is a full-time, full-service licensed auction company designed to handle the unique and specific needs of both our consignors and buyers. From one item to an entire estate, our auction company is poised to effectively and efficiently handle liquidations of personal property and businesses , bringing together buyers and sellers into a mutually beneficial auction sales environment.

Why an Online Auction as opposed to an Estate / Tag Sale? On any given day you can find over 100 listings of Online / Live Auctions and Estate Sales in Western PA, 60% of the listings are Online Auctions, 30% are Live Auctions and 10% are Traditional Tag Sales. Statistics show that online auctions have become the number one choice in the industry today. Using our Online Based Bidding Platform to conduct our auctions, we are able to reach a wider range of bidders from all over the country not just people from the local area. Online bidding allows for competitive bidding to realize a fair market value for your items not a set price decided by one individual. This method also gives bidders the opportunity to be able to bid when it is convenient for them – from their phone, tablet or home computer.

Why BHD? We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies who take professional grade photography, multiple photos of each item (so the buyer knows exactly what condition the item is in) and we edit each photo to assure the quality is the best it can be. With over 25 years of auctioneer experience and having sold over approx. 1/2 million items in total we have a vast knowledge in a wide array of categories in order to write an accurate catalog of the items we auction.

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